Panasonic Type C & C-3 Canister Vacuum Bags MC-125P


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3 Type C3 and C replacement disposable canister vacuum bags in a pack.

Replacement for Panasonic part:

  • MC-125P (MC125P)
  • MC-125PT (MC125PT)

C and C3 canister vac bags fit Panasonic models:

  • MC-7310, MC-7320, MC-7420
  • MC-771, MC-772
  • MC-8310, MC-8320, MC-8330M MC-8330
  • MC-8420, MC-8430
  • MC-881
  • MC-9410, MC-9420, MC-9430, MC-9440
  • MC-9510, MC-9520, MC-9527
  • MC-9530, MC-9537, MC-9540
  • MC-E91N, MC-E91NB
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