Dirt Devil Type C Deluxe & MVP Bags (6 pk)


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Dirt Devil Type C bags are typically found in Dirt Devil Deluxe and MVP upright vacuums.

The type C bags are the same size as Dirt Devil C bag number:

  • 3700148001 (3-700148-001)
  • 3727075001 (3-727075-001)
  • 3700147001 (3-700147-001)

Examples of upright Dirt Devil MVP, Deluxe and other uprights that use Type C bags includes:

M086600, M086601, M086605, M086610, M086630, M086701, M086705, M088200, M088210, M088305, M096600, M106732, M6699, M6700, M6732, M6970, M7100, M7150CA, M7170, M7180, M7190, M7199, M7200, M7205, M7210, M7211, M7220, M7221, M7230, M7232, M7261CA, M7270, M7300, M7470, M8100, M8101, M8170, M8200, M8201, M8213, M8221, M8232, M8260, M8300, M8301, M8332CA, M8470, M8490, M8501, M8505, M8770, M8790, MDU6620, MDU6720, MDU8120, MDU8320

6 pack of Dirt Devil Type C upright vacuum cleaner bags by envirocare.

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