Sanitaire Style RD Vacuum Belt (2 pk)


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Pair of upright vacuum belts for Sanitaire upright vacuums that use a rounded belt (the belt is not flat it is round).

Replaces Sanitaire belt part numbers: 66100, 52100A, 52100B and 52100C.

Examples of Sanitaire and Electrolux upright professional and commercial vacuums that use a round belt include but are not limited to the following models:

SC679, SC679J, SC684, SC684F, SC688, SC688A, SC689, SC689A,SC886, SC886E, SC887, SC887B, SC888, SC888K, SC889, SC889A, SC899, SC899F, SC9050, SC9050D, 1934, 1950, 6426, 6436, AC2094, AM688, AU887, BC2137, C2031, C2032, C2094, C2095, C2132, C2133, C2194, C4046, C4047, C4446, EP888, EP899, EP9025, EP9027, HC2135, HD2094, HE4046, HE679, HE688, LC2356, MC679, ML1000, ML1200, NC2031, S634, S635, S639, S645, S647, S649, S661, S663, S670, S675, S677, S9020, SC6484, SC678, SC685, SC695, SC881, SC882, SC883, TC2032, TC2365, TC6484, TC679, TC699, TS679, TS688, TS881, UC2094, UKC880.

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