Panasonic Brush Roll AC84RBZDZ000


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12 inch wide agitator with square end caps.

Panasonic brush roll part AC84RBZDZ000 and 84RBZD1000AM.

Fits the following Panasonic vacuum cleaner models:

MC-5340 MC-5995 MC-6810

MC-UG502 MC-UG581

MC-V120, MC-V413, MC-V414, MC-V415

MC-V5009 MC-V5037 MC-V5110

MC-V5504 MC-V5004 MC-V573000 MC-V5730 MC-V5734 MC-V5737

MC-V6915 MC-V7370 MC-V737002

MC-5140 MC-5150 MC-51501

MC-5155 MC-5157 MC-5190 MC-51901 MC-5240 MC-5250 MC-5255

MC-6815 MC-6855 MC-6915 MC-6955

MC-V5007 MC-V5017 MC-V5027 MC-V5190

MC-V5305 MC-V5315 MC-V5320 MC-V5325 MC-V5330 MC-V5335 MC-V5340 MC-V5355 MC-V5370

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