Panasonic Type UB-8 Vacuum Belts MC-V270B


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Pair of universal replacement Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner UB-8 belts .

UB-8 belt replaces Panasonic part numbers:

  • AC28SCZPZ000
  • AC28SJPZ000
  • AC28SJPZ00
  • MC-V270B (MCV270B)
  • Type UB-8 (UB8)

The Panasonic UB-8 belt will fit the following Panasonic upright vacuums:

EC-12TWT4, EC-T2850, EC-T4770, MC-6255, MC-6855, MC-6915, MC-6955,MC-7398, MC-GG213, MC-GG233, MC-GG283, MC-GG523, MC-GG525, MC-GG773, MC-UG223, MC-UG371, MC-UG383, MC-UG413, MC-UG415, MC-UG471, MC-UG504, MC-UG509, MC-UG581, MC-UG583, MC-UG585, MC-UG589, MC-UG693, MC-UG725, MC-UG773,MC-UG775, MC-UL555, MC-UL671, MC-UL675, MC-UL810, MC-UL815, MC-UL910, MC-V110, MC-V120, MC-V150, MC-V200, MC-V210, MC-V215, MC-V225, MC-V300, MC-V315, MC-V325, MC-V413, MC-V4130, MC-V414, MC-V415, MC-V5003, MC-V5005, MC-V5006, MC-V5009, MC-V5017, MC-V5027, MC-V5037, MC-V5110, MC-V5203, MC-V5204, MC-V5209, MC-V5210, MC-V5217, MC-V5227, MC-V5237, MC-V5238, MC-V5239, MC-V5241, MC-V5247, MC-V5248, MC-V5257, MC-V5258, MC-V5261, MC-V5267, MC-V5267, MC-V5268, MC-V5269, MC-V5271, MC-V5278, MC-V5297, MC-V5305, MC-V5315, MC-V5325, MC-V5330, MC-V5335, MC-V5370, MC-V5451, MC-V5454, MC-V5481, MC-V5485, MC-V5491, MC-V5502, MC-V5504, MC-V5706, MC-V5710, MC-V5715, MC-V5716, MC-V5720, MC-V5725, MC-V5726, MC-V5730, MC-V5734, MC-V5737, MC-V5740, MC-V5744, MC-V5745, MC-V5746, MC-V5750, MC-V5760, MC-V6405, MC-V6602, MC-V6980, MC-V6985, MC-V7305, MC-V7309, MC-V7311, MC-V7312, MC-V7314, MC-V7315, MC-V7319, MC-V7320, MC-V7325, MC-V7335, MC-V7337, MC-V7341, MC-V7345, MC-V7347, MC-V7348, MC-V7355, MC-V7357, MC-V7358, MC-V7365, MC-V7367, MC-V7368, MC-V7370, MC-V7375, MC-V7377, MC-V7380, MC-V7385, MC-V7387, MC-V7388, MC-V7389, MC-V7390, MC-V7395, MC-V7398, MC-V7399, MC-V7600, MC-V7710, MC-V7720, MC-V7721, MC-V7722

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