Shark Rotator Professional Filter HEPA Filter XHF450


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Fits Shark DuoClean Slim NV200 series uprights.

Will ONLY fit Shark NV450 series models MADE AFTER March 2013!.

The Height of this filter is 2.36 inches. Earlier models use a filter that is 2.75 inches. This filter will NOT filter earlier models that use the taller filter.

Replacement HEPA filters for Most Shark:

DuoClean Slim

  • NV200, NV200C, NV200Q
  • NV201
  • NV202, NV202C
  • QU201QBL
  • QU202
  • QU202QBL, QU202QPL
  • QU202QRD, QU202QS
  • QU203QBL, QU203QPL, QU203QRD

Rotator Professional (MADE AFTER March 2013):

  • NV450
  • NV472
  • NV480
  • NV481
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