Panasonic Type U-2 U-10 & U-2OE Allergen Bags (9 pk)


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Total of 9 tear resistant vacuum bags made with anti-allergen media. 99.9% filtration. Great for pet owners.

Same size as Panasonic bags:

  • Type U-2 (U2)
  • Type U-20E (U20E)
  • Type U-10 (U10)
  • MC-117PF (MC117PF)
  • MC-V160H (MCV160H)
  • MC-V160HT (MCV160HT)
  • AMC8GF9891100
  • AC16KDABZ000
  • AMC8GF019210

Panasonic Type U-2 upright vacuum bags fit any Panasonic upright vacuum that uses a Type U-2, Type U20E or Type U-10 bag.

Fits Panasonic Performance Plus Platinum and Optiflow upright models:

  • MC-UG509
  • MC-UG585
  • MC-UG589
  • MC-UG773
  • MC-UG775
  • MC-UG787
  • MC-V5269
  • MC-V5271
  • MC-V7319

Panasonic Type U-2 allergen media upright vacuum cleaner replacement bags made by EnviroCare.

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