Kenmore Type IB600 - Intuition BU4000 Series Bags (6 pk)


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These vacuum bags ONLY FIT Kenmore Intuition BU4000 series upright vacuum cleaners.

  • 99.9% filtration
  • Tear resistant
  • 3 ply construction
  • 6 vacuum bags in the pack

IB600 vacuum bags fit Kenmore Intuition BU4000 series models, including but not limited to:

  • BU4018
  • BU4020
  • BU4021
  • BU4022
  • BU4023
  • BU3040
  • BU3050
  • BU4050

Most BU4000 series Intuition upright vacuums have NO TOUCH Bag Technology written across the front of the vacuum.

Replacement for Intuition IB600 upright anti-allergen vacuum cleaner bags by Envirocare.

If your Kenmore Intuition vacuum IS NOT part of the BU4000 model series:

Intuition Canister Vacuums use Kenmore Type C/Q bags and Type Q/C bags.

Intuition Upright Vacuums (models 31100, 31200, 31140 and 31810) use Kenmore Type O bags and Type U/L/O bags.

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