Panasonic AMC37K-V00 Filter


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Panasonic vacuum part AMC37K-V00.

Secondary filter replacement for Panasonic upright vacuum models:

MC-V110, MC-V120, MC-V210, MC-V215, MC-V216, MC-V225

MC-5140, MC-5167, MC-5190, MC-5240, MC-5267

MC-V5004, MC-V5005, MC-V5006, MC-V5017, MC-V5027, MC-V5037, MC-V5370, MC-V5390, MC-V5502, MC-V5504

MC-GG523, MC-GG525, MC-GG529

MC-UG223, MC-UG371, MC-UG383, MC-UG725, MC-UG728, MC-UG729

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