Panasonic MC-V194H HEPA Filter AC38KBRMZ000


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Panasonic HEPA media filter MC-V194H.

Measurement is approximately 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches in size.

Panasonic filter replacement part:

  • MC-V194H (MC-V194H)
  • AC38KBRMZ000
  • AC38KDDJZ000
  • AC38KAXVZ000

Examples of Panasonic upright & canister vacuums that use HEPA filter MC-V194H include:

  • MC-CG901, MC-CG902
  • MC-CG973
  • MC-GG773
  • MC-UG323, MC-UG327
  • MC-UG471
  • MC-UG773, MC-UG775
  • MC-UG787
  • MC-UL423, MC-UL423T, MC-UL425
  • MC-UL427, MC-UL429
  • MC-UL810, MC-UL815
  • MC-UL910, MC-UL915
  • MC-UL975
  • MC-V5451
  • MC-V5481, MC-V5485
  • MC-V5491
  • MC-V7505
  • MC-V7515
  • MC-V7581
  • MC-V7710
  • MC-V7720, MC-V7721, MC-V7722
  • MC-V9658

The Panasonic HEPA filter is typically located in the front of an upright vacuum. It can found near the rear part of the base on Pansonic canister models.

The black gasket should always be closest to the vacuum when installed.

This universal replacement filter is equivalent to the Kenmore 86880 EF-2 filter.

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