Kenmore Combo Brush KC63RDKMZV0X


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Replacement combination brush attachment.

Kenmore combo cleaning attachment part KC63RDKMZV0X fits canister vacuum cleaner models:

116.21514010, 116.21514011, 116.21514012, 116.21514013, 116.23204110C, 116.23204111C, 116.23204112C, 116.23205110C, 116.23205111C, 116.23206110C, 116.23206111C, 116.23206112C, 116.23485110C, 116.23485111C, 116.23485112C, 116.51514011, 116.51514012, 116.51514013, 116.53204110C, 116.53204111C, 116.53204112C, 116.53205110C, 116.53205111C, 116.53206110C, 116.53206111C, 116.53206112C, 116.53485110C, 116.53485111C, 116.53485112C, C50XDKN0W017

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