Panasonic Crevice Tool AC60RZFZVU6


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14 inch crevice tool replacement for Panasonic upright vacuums. Panasonic part AC60RZFZVU6.

This crevice tool is typically located on the back of a Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner that has on board tools, near a dust brush.

Examples of Panasonic upright vac models that use this crevice tool include:

MC-6855 MC-6915 MC-GG283 MC-UG371 MC-UG383 MC-UG471 MC-UL671 MC-UL675

MC-V5004 MC-V5007 MC-V5117 MC-V5203 MC-V5204 MC-V5209 MC-V5210 MC-V5217 MC-V5227 MC-V5247 MC-V5248 MC-V5257 MC-V5261 MC-V5267 MC-V5268 MC-V5269 MC-V5271 MC-V5278 MC-V5297

MC-V5320 MC-V5325 MC-V5330 MC-V5340 MC-V5355 MC-V5370 MC-V5375 MC-V5451 MC-V5454 MC-V5481 MC-V5485 MC-V5491 MC-V5706

MC-V5710 MC-V5715 MC-V5716 MC-V5720 MC-V5720S MC-V5725

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