Oreck U2000 & XL2100 Vacuum Bags (8 pack)


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8 vacuum bags for Oreck U2000 and XL2100 Commercial upright vacuum cleaners using Oreck bag PK80009DW.

DOES NOT FIT ANY Oreck uprights that use have the BAG DOCK system.

MOST Oreck XL uprights use a Type CC bag, which is commonly used to replace this size bag.

Replacement for Oreck bag:

  • PK80009
  • PK80009DW
  • PK800025DW

Designed to fit U2000 and XL2100 Commercial upright vacuums, including models:

  • U2000
  • U2000EB
  • U2000R-1 (U2000R1)
  • U2000RB
  • U2000RB-1 (U2000RB1)
  • U2000RB2L-1 (U2000RB2L1)
  • U2000RBBW
  • U2000RBW
  • XL2100
  • XL2100RH
  • XL2100RHS

These bags will only fit residential Oreck uprights that were made BEFORE 1997, including:

  • 2000 series (XL2000 series)
  • 8000 series (XL800 series)
  • 9000 series (XL9000 series)

Examples of XL 9000 series upright Oreck vacuums includes: XL9000, XL9000W, XL9100, XL9100C, XL9200, XL9300, XL9800.

8 high quality replacement Allergen vac bags that provide 99.7% filtration. Designed to fit Oreck XL upright vacuums made before 1997. Envirocare 813 Commercial Upright vacuum cleaner bags for Oreck.

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