Eureka STK Quick Up & Easy Clean II Filter


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Eureka filter Style STK fits Eureka stick vac 96 and 169 series.

Most models using an STK filter are Quick Up and Easy Clean II.

Examples of Eureka light weight vacs that use the Eureka STK filter includes:

  • Easy Clean II 2-in-1 - 169B
  • Quick Up - 96DZ, 96F, 96H
  • Quick Up - 169B, 169D, 169G
  • Quick Up - 169GRN, 169MDR
  • Quick Up - 169TRQ, 169RBL
  • Quick Up 2-in-1 - 96JZ, 96H
  • Quick Up 2-in-1 - 169D, 169GRN, 169MDR
  • Quick Up 2-in-1 - 169RBL, 169TRQ
  • Quick Up 2-in-1 - 169ARD, 169KYB
  • Quick Up 2-in-1 - 169RYN, 169VBD

For optimum performance, change STK filter every 6 months.

Replaces Eureka vac parts:

  • 61544
  • 61544A
  • 61544B

Eureka STK filter made by envirocare.

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