Dirt Devil 2881020000 Brush Roller


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The Dirt Devil vacuums that use this roller are bagless.

This roller Fits SOME of the Dirt Devil upright Breeze, Extra Light, Jaguar, Scorpion and Ultra Swivel Glide vacuum cleaners.

Replacement Dirt Devil 2-881020-000 (02881020000) vacuum roller.

This roller was not used consistently for any of the Dirt Devil bagless vacuum series made.

Some use it, some don't so email us your Dirt Devil model number if you are unsure if this is the roller you actually need.

Some Dirt Devil upright bagless vacuums that use brush roller part 2881020000 are list below:

  • Breeze - M085600
  • Breeze - M085610, M085610RED, M085810, M085840HD
  • Breeze - M088110HD, M088150, M088150CA
  • Breeze - M088160, M088160BHD, M088160HD, M088160RED, M088160RHD
  • Breeze - M088161HD, M088162HD
  • Featherlite - M085845, M085845RDI, M085845RED
  • Featherlite - M088155
  • Featherlite - UD40090, UD40130, UD40135
  • Featherlite - UD40140, UD40285
  • Jaguar - M088105, M085830, M085830T, M085835
  • Scorpion - M085800, M088100, M088115, M088100CA
  • Ultra Swivel Glide - M085805, M085806,
  • Ultra Swivel Glide - UD40235, UD40235DI, UD40235HD
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