Kirby F Style Functional Fit HEPA Bags (2 pk)


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2 pack of Kirby Micron Magic HEPA Filter bags designed to replace the Kirby Sentria Style F Function Fit.

These bags FIT ALL Sentria models.

Genuine Kirby HEPA Filtration bags reduce common household dust pollen, mites and other particles.

Electrostatically charged material traps micron particle matter.

This is a Universal Fit vacuum bag that replaces the Style F bag. The Style F bag is no longer being made or sold by Kirby.

Replaces Kirby Allergen Reduction Filters F-Style Function Fit replacement filter bags: 205808, 204808, 205803 and 204803.

Any vacuum cleaner bag on this site that fits a Kirby Sentria vacuum will fit ANY and ALL Kirby Sentria vacuums, whether it uses a Universal Fit, Style F or Twist Style vacuum cleaner bag.

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