Kirby Transmission - Motor Gear Kit


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Genuine Kirby motor and transmission gear replacement kit for ALL Kirby transmissions.

All parts of this entire kit need to be installed to work correctly.

All gear colors in your Kirby vacuum must be the same color. This kit consist of BLACK gears and the belt specifically designed to fit units with black gears.

Kirby parts 243503S (243503) and 554189S (554189).

Kirby gear kit includes:

  • Small Gear for Motor
  • Big Gear for Transmission
  • Small and Big clip
  • Transmission Belt 554189S

The raised edge is installed facing AWAY from transmission and the motor.

Fits Kirby vacuum cleaner models:

  • Avalir
  • Sentria II (Sentria 2)
  • Sentria
  • G10 and G10D
  • The Ultimate G Diamond Edition
  • The Ultimate G
  • G7D and G7
  • G 2001 Limited Edition (G2001)
  • G 2000 Limited Edition (G2000)
  • G6 and G6D
  • Gsix (G six)
  • G5 and G5D
  • G4 and G4D
  • Generation 6
  • Generation 5
  • Generation 4
  • Generation 3 and G3D
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