Eureka 60279-1 Brush Roller


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Wood. Complete agitator assembly.

Eureka replacement part:

  • 60279-1
  • 60858-1
  • 61092, 61092-1
  • 54325-1

Brushroll has four rows of bristles. Approximately 12.5 inches long.

Eureka vacuum roller 60279-1 will fit canister and upright vacuum models:

Eureka Bravo - 7601A 7601B 7601D 7602A 7605AT 7605ATX 7606A 7606AA 7608BT 7608DT 7608ET 7608FT 7609BT 7611AT 7611BT 7612AT 7612BT 7612DT 7618AT 7618ATX 7619AT 7620AT 7622AT 7625BT 7626ATH 7626BTH 7629ATH 7640BT 7640BTH 7640BTV 7640BTW 7641ATS 7642AT 7642ATV 7650AT 7650ATV 7650ATX 7670AT 7671AT 7671BH 7672A 7673AT 7676AT 7677BT 7677BTX 7679AT 7679ATS 7679BT 7681AT 7683ATS 7685ATV 7686ATH 7686BH 7687A

Eureka Bravo II - 7608B, 7608D, 7608E, 7608F, 7609B, 7625B, 7640B, 7640BH, 7640BV, 7640BW, 7677B, 7677BX

Eureka Bravo II - 7611A, 7611B, 7627A, 7642A, 7642A-1, 7642AV, 7650A, 7650AH, 7650AV, 7650AX, 7670A, 7679A, 7679AS, 7683AS, 7683ASA

Eureka Bravo II Boss - 7626AH, 7626BH, 7641AS, 7641ASX

Eureka Direct Air - 7601A, 7601B, 7602A, 7602B-1, 7605A, 7605AX, 7605AX-1, 7606A, 7606A-1, 7606AA, 7612A, 7612B, 7612D, 7618A-2, 7620A, 7671A-1, 7671A-3, 7671B, 7671BH-1, 7672A, 7685AV-1, 7686AH, 7686BH, 7687A, 7735A, 7745A, 7770A, 7773A, 7773AS-1

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Eureka Powerteam Canister - 955A 6856B, 6856B-1, 6878A, 6878A-2 6975B

Eureka World Vac - 6865D, 6865D-2, 6865E 9824A, 9824AT, 9845A, 9845AAT, 9855A, 9855AT, 9855B, 9855BT, 9855BTH, 9855BTV, 9873AT, 9875A, 9875AT, 9875B, 9875BT, 9876A and 9876AT

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Eureka Aero Boss Powerteam Canister - 6859A

Eureka Aero Home Cleaning System Canister - 6865D-2 6865D 6865E 6873A 6874A 6878A

Eureka Aero Powerline Canister - 6841A-1

Eureka Aero Powerteam Canister - 6810D 6810D-1 6826A-1 6858A 6870A 6872A

Eureka Aero World Canister - 6856B 6856B-1 6856D 6856D-1 6877A 6877B 6877B-1 6877B-2 6892A 6892B 6892B-1

Eureka Europa Powerteam Canister - 6978A 6978B 6978B-1

Eureka Mega Boss World Vac - 9834A, 9834AT

Eureka 6900 Series - 6975, 6978, 6982 6810A, 6825A, 6840A, 6841A, 6855A, 6856A, 6865A, 6865B, 6866A, 6875A, 6890A, 6890B and 6891A

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