Hoover Windtunnel 2 & Windtunnel 3 Primary Filter 304087001


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Hoover primary filter replacement part 304087001.

This primary filter fits most Hoover bagless upright vacuum models from the following series:

  • Windtunnel Max
  • Windtunnel T6 Series
  • WindTunnel 2
  • Windtunnel 3
  • Windtunnel Whole House
  • Elite Rewind
  • Remedy

Examples of Hoover bagless upright vacuum cleaners that use filter 304087001 include:

WindTunnel 2 models:

  • UH70800, UH70801, UH70801PC, UH70809
  • UH70805, UH70810, UH70811, UH70811PC
  • UH70815, UH70815CD, UH70816, UH70817
  • UH70819, UH70820, UH70820RM, UH70821
  • UH70821PC, UH70825, UH70829, UH70830
  • UH70831, UH70831PC, UH70832, UH70839
  • UH71250, UH71255, UH71251

WindTunnel 3 models:

  • UH72600, UH72600W, UH72600WCA, UH72615
  • UH72630, UH72630PC, UH72635

WindTunnel Max models:

  • UH70601, UH70603, UH70600
  • UH70605, UH70607, UH70608

Elite Rewind models:

  • UH71009, UH71012
  • UH71200, UH71215

Whole House models:

  • UH71209, UH71230, UH71230CDI
  • UH71230RM, UH71230W
  • UH71235, UH70602

Also fits Hoover upright vacuum models: UH70604, UH70700, UH71003, UH71011, UH71013, UH71214

EnviroCare replacement vacuum filter for select Hoover upright vacuum cleaners.

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