Eureka 62228-3 & 61308-2 Brush Roller


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Replaces Eureka parts: 62228-5, 62228-4, 62228-3, 61869-1, 61308-2 and 15929-1.

Complete brush roll assembly.

Brush roller 61308-2 fits the following Eureka upright vacuum cleaners:

5195AT, 5196AT, 5197AT, 5197B

5810A, 5811A, 5812A, 5813AV, 5815AV

5840A, 5840AV, 5841A, 5841AS, 5841AV, 5841BV, 5842AV, 5843AV, 5843AZ, 5844AV, 5844AZ, 5845A, 5846AH, 5847AV, 5847AVX, 5847AZ, 5847BV, 5848AV, 5848AVZ

5850AZ, 5851AN, 5851AV, 5855AN, 5855AZ, 5855BZ, 5856BV, 5856BVZ, 5857AZ, 5859ASZ

5860AVH-1, 5860AVZ, 5860BVZ, 5892AZ

4459AS, 4463AV, 4464AT, 4467AV, 4468A, 4488AT, 4489AT

4495A-1, 4496AV, 4497AH, 4498AS

4660AT, 4672ATV, 4674AT, 4684AT, 4684B, 4686ATV, 4688ATV, 4689ATV, 4696AV

4711AZ, 4711BZ, 4712AZ, 4716AVZ, 4760AZ

2920A, 2924AS, 2926AV, 2961AVZ, 2961BVZ, 2970A, 2971AV, 2976AVZ, 2977AV, 2998BZ

3276AVZ, 3276AZ, 3276BVZ, 3277AVZ, 3279AZ, 3281BZ, 3281AZ, 3282AVZ

4499B,4686ATV-2, 4717AVZ, 4773AZ

Eureka World Vac - 9824A, 9824AT, 9845A, 9845AAT, 9855A, 9855AT, 9855B, 9855BT, 9855BTH, 9855BTV, 9873AT, 9875A, 9875AT, 9875B, 9875BT, 9876A and 9876AT.

Eureka Mega Boss World Vac - 9834A, 9834AT.

Eureka Mega - 6975A and 6990A

Eureka - 6810A, 6825A, 6840A, 6841A, 6855A, 6856A, 6865A, 6865B, 6866A, 6875A, 6890A, 6890B and 6891A.

Eureka Bravo/Direct Air - 7600 Series and 7700 Series (except Dirt Alert models).

EurekaCentral vac models - CV190, 2050D and 2050D.

Eureka series: 4460, 4470, 4480, 4490, 5180 and 5190

Universal replacement brush agitator for Eureka.

This brush roll fits all Eureka Bravo models and select LightSpeed and Powerline vacuums.

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