Eureka Pet Power Paw with Adapter HS62550


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Eureka turbo nozzle accessory part HS62550 (HS62550-2).

Fits ALL Eureka vacuum cleaners.

This attachment is meant to be connect to a vacuum hose.

This Pet Power Paw accessory fits a lot of Eureka vacuums. The list below includes some of them:

Air Canister Bagless - 955A

AirExcel NLS - 5403A

AS One - AS2100A, AS2113A

AS One Pet - AS2130A

AS One Reach - AS2120A

Bagged PET - ASM1065A, ASM1066A

Bagged Rewind PET - ASM1075A

Bagged Rewind - ASM1076A

Bagless Rewind PET AirSpeed Technology - ASM1035A

Bagless with AirSpeed Technology - ASM1026A

AirSpeed - AS1000A, AS1004A, AS1051A, AS1052AX, AS1053AX

AirSpeed All Floors - AS3012A

AirSpeed Bagged - AS1050A

AirSpeed EXACT Pet - AS3001A

AirSpeed Exact Reach - AS3008A

AirSpeed Gold - AS1001A

AirSpeed Gold Rewind - AS1048A

AirSpeed One - AS2013AA

AirSpeed One Turbo - AS2111A

AirSpeed Pet - AS1002A, AS1008AX

AirSpeed Pro All Surface Rewind - AS1092A

AirSpeed Pro All Floors Rewind Pet - AS1061A

AirSpeed Rewind Pet - AS1041A

AirSpeed Ultra - AS4008A

AirSpeed Unlimited Pet - AS3033A

AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind - AS3030A, AS3030AE

AirSpeed Zuum - AS5203A

AirSpeed Zuum All Floors - AS5210A

Brushroll Clean Pet - AS3304A

Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal Technology - AS3401A

Endeavor NLS - 5400A

LightSpeed - 4752A

Maxima - 4704LTA, 4704PPL, 4704ONG, 4704RES, 4704LMP

MyVac Bagless PET - ASM1025A

MyVac Bagless Rewind AirSpeed Technology ASM1036A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagged - ASM1086A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagged PET - ASM1085A, ASM1115A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagged Rewind - ASM1156A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagged Rewind PET - ASM1155A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagless - ASM1116A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagless Rewind - ASM1106A

MyVac SuctionSeal Bagless Rewind PET - ASM1105A

Opti-Power - 4776AZ

Pet Lover Oh! - 439AZ

SuctionSeal - AS1101A, AS1101B

SuctionSeal PET - AS1104A, AS1104AX

SuctionSeal 2.0 Pet - AS3104A, AS3104AX

SuctionSeal 2.0 Rewind - AS3101A

WhirlWind Rewind - 4242A

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