Dirt Devil F22 & F26 HEPA Filter


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Dirt Devil F22 replacement vacuum cleaner HEPA filter.

The F22 filter for Dirt Devil is part 1-LV1110-000 (1LV1110000).

Replaces filter 2-LO1102-000 (2LO1102000).

Dirt Devil upright vacuums that use the F-22 filter include but are not limited to the:

  • Aspire - M084590
  • Dynamite Supreme - UD40000, UD40005
  • Express Quick Vac - M085855
  • Express Vac Bagless - M085855CA
  • Featherlite Bagless - M085850, M08580RED
  • Featherlite Ultra Compact - UD40285
  • Quick Power - UD40270
  • Total Pet Compact - UD40350

If you are looking for a Dirt Devil F26 filter, it does not exist. The F26 filter is actually supposed to be a F22 filter (there was a misprint in a Dirt Devil manual).

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