Kenmore CB-1 Powermate Power Nozzle Geared Belt


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Replacement for the following Kenmore vacbelt number:

  • 20-5285 (5285, 205285)
  • 20-53000 (2053000)
  • 20-40110 (2040110)
  • UCB8211-6 (UCB82116)
  • CB-1 (CB1)
  • 742024

Kenmore PowerMate and Whispertone canister vacuum cleaner power nozzle belt for models:

116.22251500C, 116.22251501C, 116.22251502C, 116.22251503C, 116.22251504C, 116.23102800C, 116.23102801C, 116.23102802C, 116.23102803C, 116.23103800C, 116.23103801C, 116.23103802C, 116.23103803C, 116.52152600C, 116.52152601C, 116.52152602C, 116.52251500C, 116.52251501C, 116.52251502C, 116.52251503C, 116.52251504C, 116.53102800C, 116.53102801C, 116.53102802C, 116.53102803C, 116.53103800C, 116.53103801C, 116.53103802C, 116.53103803C

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