Simplicity Symmetry & 7000 Roller Brush - Clutch


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If you're vacuum has a Carpet Tool Switch that stops the roller from spinning then you have a clutch.

This metal roller assembly fits Simplicity 5000, 6000, 7000 series or Symmetry models that HAVE the carpet tool switch to turn off the roller brush while you clean.

Examples of Simplicity uprights this roller brush assembly fits includes:

7000 series models:

  • 7300, 7350, 7850

Symmetry models:

  • SYMP.6, SYMP.4, SYMP.2
  • SYMPBP.2
  • S20UP, S20P

Simplicity replacement for roller brush assembly part numbers :

  • D012-0600 (D0120600)
  • D012-0600B (D0120600B)
  • D012-1600 (D0121600)
  • D012-1600B (D0121600B)
  • C012-0600 (C0120600)
  • C012-0600B (C0120600B)
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