Miele SF HA 30 HEPA Filter


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Miele SF-HA 30 Certified Active HEPA filter replacement.

Replacement HEPA vacuum filter for Miele:

  • S7 uprights - S7000 thru S7999
  • S2 canisters - s200 thru s299
  • S300 canisters - s300 thru s399
  • S400 canisters - s400 thru s499
  • S500 canisters - s500 thru s599
  • S600 canisters - s600 thru s699
  • S800 canisters - s800 thru s899
  • S600 canisters - s600 thru s699
  • Classic C1, Complete C1, and Dynamic U1

Replaces Miele HEPA filter SF-AH 30.

Miele active HEPA filters should be changed every 50 hours or once a year to maintain effectiveness.

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