Shark Rotator & Rocket HEPA Filter XHF500


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HEPA replacement filter for select Shark Rocket Professional vacuums and Rotator Pro Lift-Away models.

Replacement HEPA filter for Shark upright bagless vac models:

Rocket and Rocket Professional Lift-Away:

  • NV500
  • NV500C
  • NV500Q
  • NV500W
  • NV500WC
  • NV500WTV
  • NV501
  • NV502

Rotator and Professional Lift-Away:

  • NV505
  • NV552
  • NV642
  • UV560
  • ZU780
  • ZU782
  • ZU785

Shark Rocket NV500 series and Rotator replacement HEPA vacuum filter XHF500 by EnviroCare. F654.

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