Eureka Mighty Mite Hose 60289-1


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Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum cleaner hose for models using a Style MM vacuum bag.

Eureka part 60289-1 (602891).

Eureka hose assembly replacement is designed to fit the Eureka Might Mite 3670, 3680, S3680, SC3680 series vacuums.

Does NOT fit 3690 series canisters.

Eureka hose replacement.

Examples of Eureka canister vacuum models that use the 60289-1 hose include but are not limited to:

3670A 3670B 3670D 3670E 3670F-1 3670F 3672A 3672B-1 3672B 3673A 3673B 3674A 3676A 3676B 3679A 3679B 3682A 3682B 3684A 3684B 3685A 3685B 3690A

If your canister vacuum uses an Eureka style MM bags this is typically the right sized hose. Same size as Eureka hose 60289-7.

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