Oreck XL Bottom Plate 09-75715-03


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Base plate assembly for select Oreck XL and XL2 upright light weight vacuums.

Does NOT FIT the Oreck XL21 or BigFoot.

Replacement for Oreck parts:

  • 09-75715-01 (097571501)
  • 09-75715-03 (097571503)
  • 09-75715-07 (097571507)

Your Oreck XL bottom plate assembly should look exactly the one on your vacuum.

Oreck XL upright vacuums that use this base plate includes:

U2000, U2000E, U2000H, U2000HH, U2160HHTARG, U2250RS, U2251RS, U2640RH

XL2000HH, XL2000RH, XL2000RS, XL2070RH, XL2100HH, XL2205RH, XL2100RH, XL2200RS, XL2300RS, XL2400RS, XL2500RH, XL2600HH, XL2610HH, XL2700HH, XL2800H2B, XL2800H2W

XL3600HH, XL3600RH, XL3610HH, XL3800H2B, XL3900H2B, XL3910H2B

U4070H2L, U4080H2B, U4080H2R, U4080H2Y, U4090H2B, U4090H2G, U4090H2T, U4090H2P, U4120H2B, U4120H2P, U4120H2R, U4490HH

XL888, XL888G,XL9000D, XL9000W, XL9100C, XL9100HG, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300C, XL9300G, XL9300H, XL9300MM, XL9300MS, XL9300S, XL9400, XL9800, XL988, XL988G

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