Oreck Fan Housing 09-75343-03N


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Spring threaded fan housing for Oreck select U2000 series, XL2000 series and XL3000 series upright vacuum cleaners.

Replacement for Oreck vacuum part:

  • 430000903
  • 09-75343-03 (097534303)
  • 09-75343-03N (097534303N)

Fan housing fits Oreck upright vacuum models:

U2000, U2000E, U2000EB, U2000H, U2000HH, U2160HHTARG, U2170HH, U2200HHS, U2200RD, U2250RS, U2251RS, U2310RD, U2310RSF, U2330RD, U2420RSQ, U2510RH, U2520RH, U2530RH, U2540RH, U2630HHG, U2630HHR, U2640RH, U2650HHB, U2650HHR, U2650HHW, U2740RD, U3140HH, U3640RH, U3700HH, U3710HH, U3980H2B, U3990H2B, U4070H2L, U4080H2B, U4080H2R, U4080H2Y, U4090H2B, U4090H2G, U4090H2P, U4090H2T, U4120H2B, U4120H2P, U4120H2R, U4140HH, U4150H2P, U4150H2R, U4151H2G, U4160HH, U4170HH, U4180HHC, U4180HHC, U4180HHT, U4190H2, U4200H2, U4300H2B, U4490HH, UK2200, RU2240HHS

XL2000HH, XL2000RH, XL2000RS, XL2070RH, XL2090RHM, XL2090RSM, XL2100HH, XL2100RH, XL2100RS, XL2200RS, XL2205RH, XL2250RS, XL2260RS, XL2300RS, XL2310RS, XL2320RH, XL2330HS, XL2330RS, XL2400RS, XL2450RH, XL2500HH, XL2500RH, XL2540RH, XL2600HH, XL2610HH, XL2700HH, XL2800H2B, XL2800H2US, XL2800H2W, XL2800HAY, XL3600HH, XL3600RH, XL3610HH, XL3640HH, XL3800H2B, XL3900H2B, XL3910H2B

Hoover CH51012 and Royal UR32200PC

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