Oreck XL Fan Housing 09-75343-03N


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Replacement for Oreck fan housing part number 09-75343-03N and 097534303N.

This spring threaded fan housing fits the Oreck XL 2000 and 3000 series models.

Examples of Oreck XL 2000 and 3000 series models that use this fan housing includes models:


U2000HH U2200RD U2250RS U2310RD U2310RSF U2330RD U2420RSQ U2520 U2540RH U2640 U2740RD

U3640RH U3700HH U3710HH

XL2000HH XL2000RH XL2000RS XL2070RH XL2090RHM XL2090RSM

XL2100HH XL2100RH XL2100RS XL2200RS XL2250RS XL2260RS

XL2300RS XL2310RS XL2320RH XL2330HS XL2330RS XL2400RS XL2450RH XL2500HH XL2500RH XL2540RH XL2600HH XL2610HH XL2700HH XL2700RHXL2700RHY

XL2800H2B XL2800H2US XL2800H2W XL2800HAY

XL3600HH XL3600RH XL3610HH XL3640HH XL3800H2B XL3900H2B XL3910H2B

The Oreck models that use this fan housing have a ring that screws down over the top of the fan casing to secure the handle.

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