Oreck XL Fan 09-75300-01


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This replacement fan DOES NOT fit Oreck XL upright vacuum models 2175, 4000 or 4300.

Replacement for Oreck part:

  • 09-75300-01 (097530001)
  • 09-75300-01N (097530001N)
  • 75013-01 (7501301)

Designed to fit Oreck upright vacuum 2000, 3000, 5000, 5300, 8300, 888, 9100 and 100C.

Examples of Oreck upright this fan includes but is not limited to:

U2000E, U2000E2, U2000H, U2000H2, U2000HH, U2000R, U2000RSB, U2007RH, U2160HH, U2170HH, U2200RD, U2250RS, U2251RS, U2255RS, U2310RD, U2310RSF, U2330RD, U2505RHB, U2505RHR, U2510RH, U2520RH, U2530RH, U2540RH, U2555RH, U2565RH, U2630HHG, U2630HHR, U2640RH, U2645HH, U2650HHB, U2650HHR, U2650HHW, U2740RD

U3120HH, U3140HH, U3620HH, U3640RH, U3700HH, U3710HH, U3720HG, U3720HR, U3760HH, U3761HH, U3770HH, U3771HH, U3772HHB, U3772HHG, U3772HHT, U3773FL, U3773GA, U3773LSU, U3773OSU, U3773TN, U3773TX, U3773TXAM, U3780HH, U3785HHM, U3785HHT, U3795HHS, U3800HH, U3980H2B, U3990H2B

U4070H2L, U4080H2B, U4080H2R, U4080H2Y, U4090H2B, U4090H2G, U4090H2P, U4090H2T, U4120H2B, U4120H2P, U4120H2R, U4140HH, U4150H2P, U4150H2R, U4151H2G, U4160HH, U4170HH, U4180HHC, U4180HHT, U4200H2, U4490HH

XL2000HH, XL2000RH, XL2000RS, XL2005HH, XL2005RH, XL2006HH, XL2006RH, XL2007HH, XL2070RH, XL2090RHM, XL2090RSM, XL20R7RH, XL2100HH, XL2100RH, XL2100RS, XL2200RS, XL2205RH, XL2206RH, XL2250RS, XL2260RS, XL2300RS, XL2310RS, XL2320RH, XL2325RH, XL2330HS, XL2330RS, XL2400RS, XL2450RH, XL2455RH, XL2500HH, XL2500RH, XL2540RH, XL2545RH, XL2600HH, XL2605HH, XL2605HHT, XL2606HH, XL2610HH, XL2635RH, XL2700HH, XL2700RH, XL2700RHY, XL2705HH, XL2800H2B, XL2800H2US, XL2800H2W, XL2800HAY

XL3505HH, XL3600HH, XL3600RH, XL3605HH, XL3610HH, XL3640HH, XL36R7HH, XL3800H2B, XL3900H2B, XL3910H2B

XL9000D, XL9000W, XL9100C, XL9100E, XL9100HG, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300C, XL9300E, XL9300ES, XL9300G, XL9300H, XL9300MM, XL9300MS, XL9300S, XL9800

Single replacement vac fan for Oreck.

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