Shark Navigator NV22 Series Filter Kit XF22


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Shark XF22 filter kit for Shark Navigator NV22 series and select Navigator upright vacuums.

Filter Kit XF22 fit the following upright vacuum cleaners:

  • Navigator - NV22 Series
  • Navigator - NV22, NV22C, NV22L, NV22LC
  • Navigator - NV22LWM, NV22P, NV22Q, NV22S
  • Navigator - NV22T, NV22W
  • Navigator - NV26, NV26_26, NV26_31, NV26Z
  • Navigator - NV27GR, NV27PR
  • Navigator - NV36, NV36A
  • Navigator - NV100
  • Navigator - UV400, UV410

This filter kit includes a total of 4 filters made by envirocare. F249.

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