Shark Navigator Filters XFF350


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Replacement XFF350 foam and felt filter for select Shark Navigator Lift Away models.

Shark filter kit XFF350 is made to fit the following Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaner models:

  • NV345C
  • NV350, NV350E, NV350Q, NV350T
  • NV350W, NV350WC, NV350W_N
  • NV350_26, NV350A_26, NV350C_26
  • NV351, NV351C, NV351WM2
  • NV352, NV352C, NV352CFS
  • NV352E, NV352Q
  • NV354C
  • NV355, NV355C, NV355CFS
  • NV356, NV356E, NV356K, NV356Q
  • NV357, NV358
  • NV360, NV360K
  • NV361, NV361BK, NV361PR
  • NV370, NV370_26
  • NV380
  • NV391, NV391C
  • NVLFT199
  • UV440, UV440CCO, UV440CCOFS
  • UV490CCO
  • UV500WM
  • UV540, UV541CCO
  • UV550

Shark Navigator Lift-Away replacement vacuum cleaner filter kit XFF350 made by EnviroCare. F650.

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