Oreck XL XL2 XL21 XL7 Upright Vacuum Belt 030-0604 (6 belts)


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These vacuum belts fit most Oreck XL, XL2, XL21 and XL7 upright vacuums.

Total of 6 replacement vacuum cleaner belts.

Replaces Oreck parts:

  • 75024-01 (7502401)
  • 010-0604 (0100604)
  • 030-0604 (0300604)

Examples of Oreck upright vacuum cleaner this belt will fit includes:

  • XL Series
  • XL2 Series
  • XL21 Series
  • XL7 Series
  • XL Classic Series
  • XL Classic Pro Series
  • XL Deluxe Series
  • XL Element Pro Series
  • XL Gold Series
  • XL Hotel
  • XL Intellashield Series
  • XL Outlook Series
  • XL Platinum Series
  • XL Select Series
  • XL Signature Series
  • XL Silver Series
  • Black Deluxe Series
  • Black Ultra Series
  • Blue Platinum Series
  • David Oreck Aviator Series
  • David Oreck Founders Series
  • Elevate Conquer Series
  • Elevate Command Series
  • Elevate Control Series
  • Graphite Series
  • Legacy
  • Platinum Pilot Series
  • Platinum Pilot Plus Series
  • ProPlus1 Series
  • Signature Series
  • Signature Plus Series
  • Ultra Series
  • 2000, 3000, 4000, 8000 and 9000 series vacuums.

U2000E, U2000E2, U2000H, U2000H2, U2000HH, U2000R, U2000RSB, U2007RH, U2160HH, U2170HH, U2200RD, U2250RS, U2251RS, U2255RS, U2310RD, U2310RSF, U2330RD, U2505RHB, U2505RHR, U2510RH, U2520RH, U2530RH, U2540RH, U2555RH, U2565RH, U2630HHG, U2630HHR, U2640RH, U2645HH, U2650HHB, U2650HHR, U2650HHW, U2740RD

U3120HH, U3140HH, U3620HH, U3640RH, U3700HH, U3710HH, U3720HG, U3720HR, U3760HH, U3761HH, U3770HH, U3771HH, U3772HHB, U3772HHG, U3772HHT, U3773FL, U3773GA, U3773LSU, U3773OSU, U3773TN, U3773TX, U3773TXAM, U3780HH, U3785HHM, U3785HHT, U3795HHS, U3800HH, U3980H2B, U3990H2B

U4070H2L, U4080H2B, U4080H2R, U4080H2Y, U4090H2B, U4090H2G, U4090H2P, U4090H2T, U4120H2B, U4120H2P, U4120H2R, U4140HH, U4150H2P, U4150H2R, U4151H2G, U4160HH, U4170HH, U4180HHC, U4180HHT, U4200H2, U4490HH

U7000ECR, U7000ECB, U7000ECP, U7100ECB, U7030ECBS, U7210ECB/U7210ECR, U7050ECB

XL2000HH, XL2000RH, XL2000RS, XL2005HH, XL2005RH, XL2006HH, XL2006RH, XL2007HH, XL2070RH, XL2090RHM, XL2090RSM, XL20R7RH, XL2100HH, XL2100RH, XL2100RS, XL2200RS, XL2205RH, XL2206RH, XL2250RS, XL2260RS, XL2300RS, XL2310RS, XL2320RH, XL2325RH, XL2330HS, XL2330RS, XL2400RS, XL2450RH, XL2455RH, XL2500HH, XL2500RH, XL2540RH, XL2545RH, XL2600HH, XL2605HH, XL2605HHT, XL2606HH, XL2610HH, XL2635RH, XL2700HH, XL2700RH, XL2700RHY, XL2705HH, XL2800H2B, XL2800H2US, XL2800H2W, XL2800HAY

XL3505HH, XL3600HH, XL3600RH, XL3605HH, XL3610HH, XL3640HH, XL36R7HH, XL3800H2B, XL3900H2B, XL3910H2B

XL9000D, XL9000W, XL9100C, XL9100E, XL9100HG, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300C, XL9300E, XL9300ES, XL9300G, XL9300H, XL9300MM, XL9300MS, XL9300S, XL9800

XL21 Series Models: XL21-600, XL21-600E, XL21-600ECB, XL21-600ECC, XL21-700, XL21-700E, XL21-700EC, XL21-700ECB, XL21-700ECBPK, XL21-700ECC, XL21-700ECP, XL21-700ECT, XL21-750, XL21-750E, XL21-750EC, XL21-750ECB, XL21-750ECT, XL21-780, XL21-780EYB, XL21-780EYM

100C, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, U2420RSQ, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2800, 888, 888G, 5000, 5300, 8300G, 9100C, 9200, 9400, 988, 988G, 9300, 9300G, 9800

DOES NOT fit the Oreck Forever Series, U7010, U7050, U7060, U7070 or U7240 models They use Oreck belt 79095-01.

DOES NOT fit the Oreck Commercial U2000 series models. They use Oreck belt 75855-01.

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