Eureka Style S Belt


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Replacement Style S vac belt part number 69950.

Replaces Eureka part 84756.

The Eureka Style S belt fits the following Eureka upright vacuums:

  • AS1100 thru AS1109 series
  • ASM1080 thru ASM1155 series

Examples of upright vacuum models that uses the S belt:

  • SuctionSeal - AS1101A, AS1101B
  • SuctionSeal Pet - AS1104A, AS1104AX
  • MyVac SuctionSeal - ASM1086A, ASM1116A
  • MyVac SuctionSeal Pet - ASM1085A, ASM1115A
  • MyVac SuctionSeal Rewind - ASM1106A, ASM1156A
  • MyVac SuctionSeal Rewind PET - ASM1105A, ASM1155A
  • Single vacuum belt.

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