Hoover Type Q and Type I Platinum Vacuum Bags Combo


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6 type Q bags and 6 type I bags for Hoover platinum upright & canister vacuum set.

Type Q synthetic cloth bags replaces Hoover bag AH10000.

Type I synethic cloth vac bags replaces Hoover AH10005.

The Hoover Q bag will fit but is not limited to Hoover upright vacuum models: UH30010, UH30050COM, UH30010CCA and UH30010COM.

Replacement for Hoover Q bag part number 302982002.

Replacement for Hoover I bag 985059002.

Examples of Hoover lightweight canisters that use a Type I bag include:

UH30010COM UH30010CCA UH30050COM UH30050COM

and models SH10000RM SH10010 SH10000. Made by Envirocare.

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