Oreck HouseKeeper & Buster B Allergen Bags (4 bags)


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Oreck bags for the HouseKeeper and Buster B handheld portable canister vac models.

Replacement for Oreck bag PKBB12DW.

4 loose non-genuine Oreck Housekeeper bags in a pack.

Micro filtration Housekeeper and Buster B canister bags fit :

  • BB180 series
  • BB280 series
  • BB850 series
  • BB870 series
  • BB880 series
  • BB900 series
  • BB1000 series
  • BB1100 series
  • BB1200 series
  • MV160 series

Examples of Oreck portable canister models this bag fits includes but is not limited to:

BB850, BB850AD, BB850AS, BB850AW, BB870, BB870AD, BB870ADP, BB870AG, BB870AGQB, BB870AQ, BB870AS, BB870AUS, BB870AW, BB870AWB, BB870AWQ, BB870ZD, BB870A7, BB870A8, BB880, BB880AB, BB880AD, B900DGB, BB900DGR, BB900SM, BB1000DB, BB1000DC, BB1100DB, BB1100DBSQ, BB1100DC

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