Ridgid 12 to 16 gallon Bags VF3502 (2 pk)


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For dry pickup, including drywall dust. 2 replacement VF3502 sized vac bags.

Fits select 12 to 16 gallon Ridgid vac units.


12 Gallon models: HD1200, HD1280, MOB1200, WD12701, 1200RV, 1250RV

14 Gallon models: HD1400, HD1402C, WD1450, 1400RV, RV2400HF, RV2400A

16 Gallon models: HD1600, HD1800, MOB1600, WD1640, WD1680, WD1851, WD1956, 1610RV, 1620RV, RV1650, RV2600B


WD12450, WD12460, WD1250, WD12780, WD1280, WD16350, WD16360, WD1637, WD16650 and WD17351

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