Panasonic Upright Wand With Tabs AC40PJPZV06


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Upright vacuum wand WITH TABS. The tabs engage with the vacuum hose. Panasonic vacuum part C40PJPZV06.

Panasonic wand C40PJPZV06 fits the following upright vacuum models by Panasonic:

MC-V7390 MC-V7389 MC-V7388 MC-V7387 MC-V7385 MC-V7380 MC-V7377 MC-V7375 MC-V7370 MC-V7368 MC-V736701 MC-V7367 MC-V7365 MC-V7358 MC-V7348 MC-V7341 MC-V7325 MC-V7314 MC-V7312 MC-V7311 MC-V7309 MC-V7305

MC-V6985 MC-V6980

MC-V5760 MC-V5750 MC-V5746 MC-V5745 MC-V5744 MC-V5730 MC-V5725 MC-V5715

MC-V5297 MC-V5278 MC-V5271 MC-V5269 MC-V5268 MC-V5267 MC-V5261 MC-V5248 MC-V5247MC-V5227 MC-V5217

MC-V5209 MC-V225 MC-V21500 MC-V215 MC-V150

MC-UG589 MC-UG583 MC-UG509 MC-UG504 MC-UG383 MC-GG283

Genuine Panasonic vacuum part.

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