Hoover Dust Brush 43414197


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Upright vacuum cleaner dusting brush replacement number 43414197. Genuine Hoover vac parts.

This Hoover vac part replaces part number 43414162, 43414174 and 43414195.

Hoover vacuums that utilize dusting brush 43414197 include:

U5140900, UH30015, UH30030HD, U5172900, U5175900, UH40155, U5262910, U5265900, U5269900, U8125900, U8125960, U8135900, U8145900, U8150900, U8151900, U8153900, U8155900, U8157900, U8161900, U8163900, U8172900, U8174900, U8181900, U8187900, U8188900, UH40110, U5458900, U5460900, U5462900, U5467900, U5468900, U5470900, U5471900, U5472900, U5473900, U5481900, U5491900, UH30070, UH30085, U5753900, U5760900, U5786900, UH40115, U5762900, UH40020, UH40145B, UH40265, U6439900, U6454900, U6485100, U6485300

UH50000, UH50005B, U6630900, U6634900, UH60000, UH60010, U8311900, UH30065, U8347900, U8351900, U8361900, U8371900, S1156, L2310, L2315, U9125900, U9145900

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