Panasonic 15 Watt Bulb AC28GADFZ00


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Replacement light bulb for Panasonic upright and canister vacuum cleaners that use a 15 watt 120 volt lamp.

Replaces Panasonic bulb part AC28GADFZ00. Push in and turn slightly to engage the bulb during installation.

Examples of canister and upright Panasonic vacuums that use this bulb include but is not limited to the following model:

MC-CG902, MC-CG917, MC-CG973, MC-CG983, MC-CG985

MC-UG22300, MC-UG383, MC-UG413, MC-UG415, MC-UG502, MC-UG581, MC-UG583, MC-UG585, MC-UG589, MC-UG693

MC-V200, MC-V300, MC-V400

MC-V5005, MC-V5006, MC-V5209, MC-V5217, MC-V5227, MC-V5241, MC-V5248, MC-V5258, MC-V5261, MC-V5267, MC-V5268, MC-V5269, MC-V5271, MC-V5278, MC-V5297

MC-V5330, MC-V5710, MC-V5715, MC-V5720, MC-V5725, MC-V5726, MC-V5730, MC-V5734, MC-V5740, MC-V5744, MC-V5745, MC-V5746, MC-V5750, MC-V5760

MC-V6405, MC-V7309, MC-V7312, MC-V7314, MC-V7319, MC-V7341, MC-V7348, MC-V7358, MC-V736701, MC-V7368, MC-V7370, MC-V737002, MC-V9634, MC-V9634C, MC-V9641, MC-V9644, MC-V9658

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