Panasonic Dusting Brush AC88RYUZV06


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Genuine Panasonic dusting brush replacement. Panasonic part AC88RYUZV06.

This dusting brush is commonly found on Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners that have on board tools. It will also fit similar Kenmore upright vacuums.

Examples of Pansonic vacuum upright models that use Panasonic AC88RYUZV06 dusting brush include:

MC-6855 MC-GG283 MC-UG371 MC-UG383 MC-UG471 MC-UL671 MC-UL675

MC-V150 MC-V215 MC-V21500 MC-V225 MC-V300 MC-V3110 MC-V315 MC-V31500 MC-V325 MC-V400 MC-V415

MC-V5004 MC-V5007 MC-V5117 MC-V5203 MC-V5204 MC-V5209 MC-V5210 MC-V5217 MC-V5227 MC-V5247 MC-V5248 MC-V5257 MC-V5261 MC-V5267 MC-V5268 MC-V5269 MC-V5271 MC-V5278 MC-V5297

MC-V5320 MC-V5325 MC-V5330 MC-V5340 MC-V5355 MC-V5370 MC-V5375 MC-V5451 MC-V5454 MC-V5481 MC-V5485 MC-V5491 MC-V5706

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