Oreck XL Upright Brush Roll 75202-01


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Oreck XL upright vacuum cleaner agitator assembly.

11.25 inches in length.

DOES NOT fit Oreck XL21, XL4000 series or XL Platinum vacuums.

Replacement for Oreck part:

  • 75104-03 (7510402)
  • 75104-02 (7510402)
  • 75202-01 (7520201)
  • 75202-01N (7520201N)
  • 75202-03 (7520203)
  • 75930-03 (7593003)
  • 016-1152 (0161152)

Brush roller features:

  • Smooth Belt Pulley (NOT Grooved)
  • Uses a Flat, Smooth Surface Vacuum Belt
  • Does NOT Have a Magnet
  • Approx 11.25 inches long

Fits hundreds of different Oreck XL uprights.

Examples of Oreck upright this roller fits includes but is not limited to:

U2000E, U2000E2, U2000H, U2000H2, U2000HH, U2000R, U2000RSB, U2007RH, U2160HH, U2170HH, U2200RD, U2250RS, U2251RS, U2255RS, U2310RD, U2310RSF, U2330RD, U2505RHB, U2505RHR, U2510RH, U2520RH, U2530RH, U2540RH, U2555RH, U2565RH, U2630HHG, U2630HHR, U2640RH, U2645HH, U2650HHB, U2650HHR, U2650HHW, U2740RD

U3120HH, U3140HH, U3620HH, U3640RH, U3700HH, U3710HH, U3720HG, U3720HR, U3760HH, U3761HH, U3770HH, U3771HH, U3772HHB, U3772HHG, U3772HHT, U3773FL, U3773GA, U3773LSU, U3773OSU, U3773TN, U3773TX, U3773TXAM, U3780HH, U3785HHM, U3785HHT, U3795HHS, U3800HH, U3980H2B, U3990H2B

U4070H2L, U4080H2B, U4080H2R, U4080H2Y, U4090H2B, U4090H2G, U4090H2P, U4090H2T, U4120H2B, U4120H2P, U4120H2R, U4140HH, U4150H2P, U4150H2R, U4151H2G, U4160HH, U4170HH, U4180HHC, U4180HHT, U4200H2, U4490HH

XL2000HH, XL2000RH, XL2000RS, XL2005HH, XL2005RH, XL2006HH, XL2006RH, XL2007HH, XL2070RH, XL2090RHM, XL2090RSM, XL20R7RH, XL2100HH, XL2100RH, XL2100RS, XL2200RS, XL2205RH, XL2206RH, XL2250RS, XL2260RS, XL2300RS, XL2310RS, XL2320RH, XL2325RH, XL2330HS, XL2330RS, XL2400RS, XL2450RH, XL2455RH, XL2500HH, XL2500RH, XL2540RH, XL2545RH, XL2600HH, XL2605HH, XL2605HHT, XL2606HH, XL2610HH, XL2635RH, XL2700HH, XL2700RH, XL2700RHY, XL2705HH, XL2800H2B, XL2800H2US, XL2800H2W, XL2800HAY

XL3505HH, XL3600HH, XL3600RH, XL3605HH, XL3610HH, XL3640HH, XL36R7HH, XL3800H2B, XL3900H2B, XL3910H2B

XL9000D, XL9000W, XL9100C, XL9100E, XL9100HG, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300C, XL9300E, XL9300ES, XL9300G, XL9300H, XL9300MM, XL9300MS, XL9300S, XL9800

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