Kirby G6 G5 Sentria Ultimate G PET Brush Roller


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Kirby roller for Pet Hair. More aggressive brush roller than the roller that the vacuum comes equipped with.

This Kirby Pet Owner brush roller will fit the following Kirby vacuums:

  • Avalir 2
  • Avalir
  • Sentria II (Sentria 2)
  • Sentria
  • G10 and G10D
  • The Ultimate G Diamond Edition
  • The Ultimate G
  • G7D and G7
  • G 2001 Limited Edition (G2001)
  • G 2000 Limited Edition (G2000)
  • G6 and G6D
  • Gsix (G six)
  • G5 and G5D
  • Generation 6
  • Generation 5

This brush roller is designed specifically for Pet Owners.

It has Anti-Microbial bristles, boast 55% percent less entanglement and provides very good clean ability.

Kirby vacuums part 156197 and 156197G.

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