Panasonic Type UB Vacuum Belt MC-210B


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2 pack of universal Panasonic UB upright vacuum cleaner belts. Type UB belt is also known as Panasonic part number MC-210B (MC210B).

Designed to fit Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner models:

4335BT, 4472AT, 7608DT, EC-12TWT4, EC-S2620, EC-T2850, EC-T4650, EC-T4660, EC-T4765, HB12820HV, MC-5107, MC-5110, MC-5111, MC-5115, MC-5116, MC-5117, MC-5120, MC-5121, MC-5130, MC-5131, MC-5140, MC-5150, MC-51501, MC-5155, MC-5157, MC-5167, MC-5177, MC-5190, MC-5210, MC-5217, MC-5220, MC-5230, MC-5237, MC-5240, MC-5250, MC-5255, MC-5267, MC-5277, MC-5340, MC-5501, MC-5510, MC-5517, MC-5520, MC-5995, MC-661, MC-662, MC-663, MC-671, MC-672

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