Oreck XL21 & X7 Exhaust Filters EF4PK


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4 pack of motor exhaust filters that fit at the base of all Oreck XL21 and Oreck X7 upright vacuum cleaners.

Oreck vacuum part:

  • EF4PK
  • 77022-01 (7702201)

Replacement filter for Oreck:

XL21 Series Models: XL21-600, XL21-600E, XL21-600ECB, XL21-600ECC, XL21-700, XL21-700E, XL21-700EC, XL21-700ECB, XL21-700ECBPK, XL21-700ECC, XL21-700ECP, XL21-700ECT, XL21-750, XL21-750E, XL21-750EC, XL21-750ECB, XL21-750ECT, XL21-780, XL21-780EYB, XL21-780EYM

XL7 Series Models: XL7-605, XL7-605EYB, XL7-705, XL7-705ECB, XL7-705ECTPK

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