Hoover Elite Rewind HEPA Filter 59157055


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Replacement Hoover HEPA filter 59157055 for ALL bagless Hoover Elite Rewind upright vacuum cleaners.

Examples of Hoover upright bagless upright vacuums that use HEPA filter 59157055 include but are not limited to:

  • UH40070
  • UH40150HD
  • U5507-900 (U5507900)
  • U5507-950 (U5507950)
  • U5509-900 (U5509900)
  • U5509-950 (U5509950)
  • U5511-900 (U5511900)
  • U5512-900 (U5512900)

Universal hepa filter replacement is found underneath the lid of the dust bin on Hoover Elite Rewind vacuums that do not use a vacuum bag.

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