Eureka PMF-1 Foam Filter


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Eureka pre motor foam filter replacement.

Sometimes this filter is colored black.

Designed to fit Eureka 8800 and Eureka 8850 series upright vacuums.

Replacement filter 77583-333N and 77583. Made by Envirocare. F619.

Examples of Eureka 8800 series upright vacuum cleaners that use the PMF-1 filter includes:

  • Boss Capture - 8830AZ
  • Capture - 8802AVZ, 8802AVZ-1, 8803AVZ, 8803AVZ-1, 8803BVZ
  • Capture - 8806AVZ, 8806AVZ-1, 8806BVZ, 8806BVZ-1, 8807AVZ
  • Capture - 8807AVZ-1, 8851AVZ-1, 8851AVZ-2
  • Capture - 8852AVZ, 8852AVZ-1, 8852AVZ-2, 8852BVZ, 8852BVZ-1
  • Capture - 8852DVZ, 8852DVZ-1, 8853AVZ, 8853AVZ-1, 8853AVZ-2
  • Capture & Pet Lover - 8852DVZ, 8853AVZ
  • FilterAir - 8871AZ
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