Hoover Type Y & Type YZ Allergen Vacuum Bags (3 pk)


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Replacement for Hoover Type Y and Hoover Type Z upright vacuum cleaner bags.

  • 99.9% Filtration
  • Tear Resistant
  • Made with Anti-Allergen Media
  • Great for Pet Owners

Examples of Hoover upright models that use a Type Y and Type Y & Z bag includes but is not limited to:

  • Breathe Easy
  • Complete Performance
  • Savvy
  • Task Vac (TaskVac)
  • Tempo Widepath
  • WindTunnel
  • WindTunnel Anniversary
  • WindTunnel Max
  • Windtunnel Self-Propelled
  • Windtunnel Supreme
  • WindTunnel T-Series
  • WindTunnel Tempo

DOES NOT FIT Windtunnel 2 vacuums.

3 allergen filtration vacuum bags in a package. Replaces Hoover Type Y/Z and Type Z bag. Same size as Hoover Type Y bag numbers AH10259, AH10040, 4010100Y, 43655082, AH10165, 902419001 and 4010801Y.

Hoover type Y Windtunnel vacuum cleaner bags made by EnviroCare will also fit Hoover upright vacuum models:

CH53005, CH5410, UH30300, UH30070, UH30085, UH30310, UH30600, UH30601, UH40110, UH50000, UH50005B, U64019, U64019RM

U5140-900, U5142-900, U5144-900, U5145-900, U5148-900, U5154-900, U5301-9RM,, U5330-900 U5330-900, U5393-900, U5394-900, U5395-900, U5395-940, U5395-960, U5395-970, U5396-900, U5396-960, U5397-900, U5398-900, U5398-990, U5399-900, U5402-900, U5403-900l, U5409-900 U5415-900, U5416-900, U5420-900, U5423-900, U5432-900, U5433-900, U5434-900, U5435-900, U5436-950, U5437-960, U5438-900, U5439-900, U5443-900, U5444-900, U5445-900, U5446-900, U5447-900, U5449-940, U5450-900, U5451-900, U5452-900, U5453-900, U5454-900, U5456-900, U5457-900, U5460-900, U5461-900, U5462-900, U5463-960, U5464-900, U5465-900, U5465-960, U5465-970, U5465-990, U5468-900, U5469-900, U5469-910, U5470-900, U5475-900, U5475-960, U5477-900, U5720-900, U5720-960, U5720-990, U5721-900, U5722-900, U5740-900, U5750-900, U5750-980, U5751-900, U5752-900, U5753-960, U5755-900, U5757-900, U5758-900, U5759-900, U5760-900, U5761-900, U5762-900, U5780-900

U6401-9RM, U6420-900, U6423-900, U6425-900, U6425-920, U6429-900, U6429-900, U6430-900, U6430-900, U6431-900, U6432-900, U6432-900, U6433-900, U6433-900, U6434-900, U6435-900, U6435-900, U6436-900, U6436-900, U6437-900, U6437-900, U6439-900, U6441-900, U6441-940, U6445-900, U6445-920, U6446-900, U6446-930, U6449-900, U6450-900, U6451-900, U6451-960, U6453-900, U6454-900, U6455-900, U6455-960, U6458-900, U6459-900, U6459-900, U6460-900, U6470-900, U6470-910, U6471-900, U6473-900, U6474-900, U6485-900, U6485-900PC, U6607-900, U6616-900, U6617-900, U6618-900, U6626-900, U6632-900

U5140900, U5142900, U5144900, U5145900, U5148900, U5154900, U53019RM,, U5330900 U5330900, U5393900, U5394900, U5395900, U5395940, U5395960, U5395970, U5396900, U5396960, U5397900, U5398900, U5398990, U5399900, U5402900, U5403900l, U5409900 U5415900, U5416900, U5420900, U5423900, U5432900, U5433900, U5434900, U5435900, U5436950, U5437960, U5438900, U5439900, U5443900, U5444900, U5445900, U5446900, U5447900, U5449940, U5450900, U5451900, U5452900, U5453900, U5454900, U5456900, U5457900, U5460900, U5461900, U5462900, U5463960, U5464900, U5465900, U5465960, U5465970, U5465990, U5468900, U5469900, U5469910, U5470900, U5475900, U5475960, U5477900, U5720900, U5720960, U5720990, U5721900, U5722900, U5740900, U5750900, U5750980, U5751900, U5752900, U5753960, U5755900, U5757900, U5758900, U5759900, U5760900, U5761900, U5762900, U5780900

U64019RM, U6420900, U6423900, U6425900, U6425920, U6429900, U6429900, U6430900, U6430900, U6431900, U6432900, U6432900, U6433900, U6433900, U6434900, U6435900, U6435900, U6436900, U6436900, U6437900, U6437900, U6439900, U6441900, U6441940, U6445900, U6445920, U6446900, U6446930, U6449900, U6450900, U6451900, U6451960, U6453900, U6454900, U6455900, U6455960, U6458900, U6459900, U6459900, U6460900, U6470900, U6470910, U6471900, U6473900, U6474900, U6485900, U6485900PC, U6607900, U6616900, U6617900, U6618900, U6626900, U6632900

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