Sharp PU-2 Vacuum Bags (3 pack)


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PU-2 upright vacuum cleaners designed to fit ALL Sharp bagged upright vacuum cleaners, including the Sharp Twin Energy vacuum series.

  • 99.7% Filtration
  • Traps Microscopic Allergens
  • 3 Bags in a Pack

Replaces Sharp PU-2 bag numbers EC-10PU2 (EC10PU2) and EC-03PU2 (EC-03PU2). Made by Envirocare.

Examples of Sharp upright vacuums that use this bag includes but is not limited to:

EC-123WC, EC-12SWC, EC-12SX2, EC-12SX3, EC-12SX6, EC-12SXT2, EC-12SXT4, EC-12SXT4B, EC-12SXT5, EC-12TBC, EC-12TWC, EC-12TWT2, EC-12TWT4, EC-12TWT6, EC-12TWT7, EC-12TWT9, EC-12TX3, EC-12TX3B, EC-12TX6, EC-12TX8, EC-12TX8B, EC-12TXC, EC-12TXT2, EC-12TXT4, EC-12TXT6, EC-12TXT7, EC-12TXT9, EC-14TAT6, EC-14TWT6, EC-14TWT7, EC-14TWT9, EC-14TX6, EC-14TX6B, EC-14TX8, EC-14TXT6, EC-14TXT7, EC-14TXT9, EC-3320A, EC-3420A, EC-3520, EC-3620, EC-3720, EC-4320, EC-4420, EC-S2620, EC-S2720, EC-T2630, EC-T2640, EC-T2650, EC-T2835, EC-T2840, EC-T2850, EC-T2860, EC-T4650, EC-T4660, EC-T4765, EC-T4770, EC-T4840, EC-T4880, EC-T5965, EC-T5970, EC-T5980, EC-TU2007, EC-TU2111, EC-TU2306, EC-TU2603, EC-TU2607, EC-TU2608, EC-TU2609, EC-TU2705S, EC-TU2709S, EC-TU2807, EC-TU2809, EC-TU5909, EC-TU5910

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