Riccar Vibrance RVF-2 Deluxe & Standard Electrostatic Filters


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Riccar RVF-2 replacement filters.

RVF-2 fits Riccar Vibrance Deluxe, Standard and Commercial upright vacuum models.

2 electrostatic post filters.

Examples of Riccar upright vacuum cleaners that use the RVF-2 filter set includes:

Vibrance Patriotic - VIBCL.USA, VIBUSA.SU and VIB.USAFS

Vibrance Entry - R20E and R20ENT

Vibrance Entry - VIBE and VIBENT

Vibrance Classic - VIBCL and VIBCLNT

Vibrance Standard - VIBS and VIBST

Vibrance Deluxe - VIBD and VIBDL

Vibrance Premium - VIBP and VIBPBP

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